Thermal Imaging Services

Getting to the root of the problem before it is too late

IR20150718_0702SO-CO Water Damage’ technicians use the latest in infrared camera technology to quickly and accurately uncover hidden problems. Hidden moisture, leaks and finding mold sources can help get the source of a problem before it becomes a very big problem.

SO-CO Enteprises uses thermal imaging for the following:

  • Locating moisture that is hidden or leaks in building walls and structure.
  • Finding if building materials are dry after flooding or a mold remediation project.
  • Evaluating the scope of water damage from flooding or plumbing accidents.

Thermal imaging can provide a view of local conditions which bring about the opportunity for mold infestation.

SO-CO Enterprise use Thermal Imaging for post-mold remediation in order to verify that all building materials and structures are thoroughly dried out before any reconstruction work begins. If areas are not immediately dry, mold growth will reoccur and SO-CO Water Damage can get the right steps to help right away.

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