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A lot of our customers inherit or stumble upon homes that a hoarder had lived in. For some people, when life gets out of control, the only control they can have is to hold onto and hoard things of no value. Some hoarders take in way more animals than is safe to do so, while others hold to and never throughout their mail, or newspapers. In either circumstance, a professional cleanup company is needed to start the road to recovery for the property. With SO-CO as your hoarding & cleaning company, we can restore your distressed home or business back into a clean, disinfected and LIVABLE space.

It’s a difficult task to safely and efficiently restore a residential or commercial property to its pre-hoarding condition. SO-CO is here to help relieve the burden for the family, friends, and those closest to the situation. Our of our certified technicians are sensitive and respectful to all of the concerns and emotions of those who may be at the property during the cleanup. They may have questions, concerns or fears, or may just need a comforting word and compassionate smile. We understand the shock and grief that comes with a hoarding situation, and we respond with the utmost respect, discretion and genuine sympathy to all parties involved. We’re here to ease both the physical and emotional burden of a hoarding cleanup incident.

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